Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What once was

Our yard will never look like this again. The glorious blooms and lush green lawn. The carefully laid bricks that curve this way and that.

I tell myself that we will are not destroying beauty, but that our vegetable garden will offer new kinds of magic.

But for now, I am a little sad and nostalgic.


  1. i'm so glad you're documenting all this! what a fun and crazy adventure. i can't wait to see how it all evolves. those chickens will have a lovely home!

  2. You should've tried to take uglier before pictures (in the middle of winter, some scattered dog poo, maybe grey out the colors a bit) so the after shots wouldn't have so much to live up to. That's how they got me to buy an Ab Roller.

  3. Ah... nastalgia: the soul's musing... But, "composting" is a part of it all to, as I see it. I consider it this way, your lovely backyard has simply in the process of metamorphosing into another beautiful form... First Law of Thermodynamics: energy or matter can neither be created nor destroyed (BTW: This is Chris Q. I couldn't figure out how to post with an account).

  4. Thats what photographs are for luvs!
    : )
    Everything changes especially living things. And our only real and practical options for hanging on to any of it fits inside a little canvas bag and makes people uncomfortable at parties and on vacations. I know you go to the same church I do so no need to preach. Say CHEESE!

  5. The yard and all y'all look great. Nice work on the above ground beds. I've seen more and more of that around my 'hood lately. As for your plum tree...there's always New Seasons for tasty fresh plums.

    Chickens are the pet en vogue these days. My father-in-law has three of them that I have been watching grow at an exponential rate.

    I miss you Valdeeezy. We gotta hang one of these days. You know, when you stop tearing up yards and being sick as hell.

    cheers ,


  6. Thanks for reminding me that things change and that change can be good. Thanks also for reminding me that nostalgia can make you do dumb things.

  7. I don't know the size of your property, but it seems you should be able to have an edible garden without giving up at least a little bit of beauty. There is plenty of information on the internet. Vegetables are food for the body, but flowers are food for the soul. How can you live without a bounty of both?

  8. Fortunately we were able to move most of the flowers around to the side and front of the house. They definitely aren't as carefully arranged as before. As for the plum, we felt that it was blocking too much light in the back. I hope that we can maintain a balance of beauty and food -- or even create edible beauty.